How to frame beauty with beauty


Aquarium fish are amongst nature’s most beautiful and sumptuous spectacles. So why show them in a drab, regular aquarium? What’s more, inside a traditional aquarium, your fishes’ stunning colours are muted.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Your biOrb aquarium has ‘functional beauty’. Here award winning, elegant, minimalist design is not enough … how your biOrb performs is equally im-portant.

For example, biOrbs are made with acrylic instead of glass.

Why? Because acrylic is incredibly strong – it’s what aeroplane windows are made from.


Acrylic is also a good insulator and you don’t lose much heat. So if you need to heat your biOrb, you only need a small amount of energy to do it.

These are two ‘functional’ benefits of acrylic. What about the ‘beauty’?

Thick glass always has a green tint – acrylic doesn’t. And acrylic allows 23% more light to pass through.

Your biOrb bursts with colour and life in a way you may never have seen before.

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The simple way to create a stunning display

1. Start with a sculpture to provide your central theme. Choose from 47 in the range.

2. Next, add your larger plants. It is a good idea to add taller items at the back to draw the eye.

3. Compliment your plants with smaller features nearer the front of your tank.

4. Add some smaller details. Maybe a starfish or some urchins.

5. Begin to add water. This is a good time to check your display and make those final touches.

6. Fill your aquarium and enjoy your creation

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