For this OASE unit purchased by you, OASE GmbH assumes a 24 month manufacturer’s guarantee in accordance with the guarantee conditions laid down in the following. The guarantee period starts with the first purchase from an OASE specialist dealer. In other

words, in the event of a resale, the guarantee period will not start again. If services are provided under the terms of this guarantee, this does not lead to extension or renewal of the guarantee period. Your legal rights as a purchaser, especially those ensuing from the warranty, persist. They are not restricted by this guarantee.

Guarantee conditions

OASE GmbH guarantees impeccable, purpose related properties and workmanship, expert assembly and proper functionality. Subject to our discretion, the guarantee refers to free of charge repair or free of charge supply of spare parts or of a replacement unit respectively. Should the unit type concerned no longer be manufactured, we reserve the right, at our discretion, to supply a replacement unit from our range that is closest to the type subject to complaint. Claims, the origin of which can be traced back to installation and operating faults as well as lack of care, e.g. the use of unsuitable cleaning materials or negligent maintenance, use other than that intended, damage due to accidents, falls, impact, effect of frost, cutting plugs, shortening cables, calcium deposits or improper attempts to repair the unit, are not covered by our guarantee. We hereby refer to the proper use as specified in the instructions of use that form an integral part of the guarantee. Wear parts such as bulbs etc. are exempted from the guarantee. The refund of costs for removal and installation, checks, claims for lost profit and damages are exempted from the guarantee together with further reaching claims for damages and loss of whatever nature caused by the unit or its use. The guarantee is only valid in the country in which the unit was purchased. This

guarantee is governed by German law under the exclusion of the agreement of the United Nations covering contracts governing the international sale of goods (CISG) regulations.

Guarantee claims can only be brought forward by presenting the sales receipt to us, OASE GmbH, Tecklenburger Stra.e 161 in D-48477 Horstel, Germany by returning to us the unit or part of the unit subject to complaint, freight free, at your own risk, accompanied by a copy of the original purchase receipt from the OASE specialist dealer, this guarantee document and written information of the fault encountered.

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