EARTH Vivarium

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  • Ideal for expert or beginner - biOrb EARTH is a stylish intelligent, vivarium that gives you everything you need to create the perfect home for your animals
  • Total control with the EARTH app - Every aspect of biOrb EARTH's internal environment is precisely set using the EARTH app. Features like temperature, humidity, rainfall, & lighting can all be set for individual days, seasons, or for the entire year.
  • Convenient cord management - Unlike traditional vivariums, the biOrb EARTH has just one power cable, requiring a single socket
  • See your animals in their home - Acrylic is 10 times stronger and 23% clearer than glass. Acrylic is also a good insulator, so you don't lose as much heat as you would with a glass vivarium.
  • Authentic temperature environment - The EARTH's temperature is regulated by an adjustable substrate heater cable and a patented temperature control unit. The temperature varies from the bottom to the top of the unit, replicating natural Ferguson Zones as temperature and sun exposure increases with elevation. The constant feed of fresh (warm or cooled) air mixes with the air re-circulating within the unit. The heater cable also stimulates healthy root growth.
  • The humidity your animals expect - The EARTH's temperature and humidity are constantly monitored and controlled by sensors at the top and bottom of the unit. The EARTH is equipped with an ultrasonic mister, twin rain nozzles, and capillary matting that all work to provide the humidity your animals and plants need.
  • Customizable lighting for your animals - Nestled in the hood of the biOrb EARTH are four banks for lighting units. Each EARTH comes with two Sunlight LED units, a UV-light unit, and a RGB and Infrared unit. There's no standard configuration for biOrb EARTH's range of lights. You can arrange the four banks in the combination which best suits your plants and animals.
  • The closest lighting to real sunlight - The Sunlight LED lights are the closest to real sunlight of any light available. To fully recreate the natural world, each day biOrb EARTH experiences sunrise, midday and sunset. Three separate channels increase and decrease in sequence so your biOrb EARTH features a true, east-west solar day benefiting both your animals and plants.
  • Keeping your animals healthy, naturally - The EARTH's dimmable ultraviolet lamp replicates the sun's UVA and UVB rays your animals naturally receive. UV-A stimulates pigmentation. UV-B stimulates vitamin D3 synthesis from the precursor vitamin D2.
  • Basking in the sun's warmth - The infrared and RGB LED lights act as the sun's invisible rays (near infrared) to provide natural warmth and the wavelengths required for reptiles
  • Adding an extra dimension - Until now, vivariums have only been able to replicate how your animals' natural world looks and feels. biOrb EARTH takes this one step further with the inclusion of an embedded speaker. What animals hear isn't simply the background noise of their environment. Some sounds trigger events (ex. mating calls). Use the app to decide what sounds are best for your animal.
  • Keeping it inside the EARTH - Ensures the air coming into and out of the unit is clean and fresh with two sets of carbon filters. A fan pulls fresh air into the activated carbon pre-filter on the back panel to keep it free from any contaminants, such as aerosols. Air inside the unit is pushed out through activated carbon filters in the EARTH lid's wings. There are also gasket seals around the lid and all external openings to maintain the EARTH's stable, natural conditions of temperature and humidity. These filters and seals not only hold back not only odors, but they also keep any fruit flies or other live food inside the tank.
  • Included: 2x White LED lighting, 1x Single UV lighting, 1x RGB & Infrared lighting, Speaker function, 2x Rain maker nozzles, Heating and cooling, Fogger function, 0.8 Gallon water reservoir, Funnel, Top carbon filters, Back carbon filters, Feeding hole, Drainage tube, Capillary mat, Built-in heating cable, Power supply, Instruction manual
  • Price includes delivery to mainland UK only. For Highlands and Islands please get in contact to discuss delivery.
What's included

EARTH 125 Vivarium
White LED lighting x 2
Single UV lighting x 1
RGB & Infrared lighting x 1
Speaker function
Rainmaker nozzles x 2
Heating and cooling
Fogger function
3 litre water reservoir
Top carbon filters
Back carbon filters
Feeding hole
Drainage tube
Capillary mat
Built-in heating cable
Power supply
Instruction manual

Length 75 cm
Width 61 cm
Height 66.5 cm
Voltage 24V
Warranty 2 years


EARTH Vivarium
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