Heater Pack

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  • Some fish require aquarium water to be a specific temperature. To do this the water needs to be warmed by an aquarium heater. Consult with your local aquatics store about the environment your fish needs. 
  • The biOrb Heater Pack contains a 50-watt standard aquarium heater with a regulating range of 20-32 °C. 
  • A Heater Stand with suction cups is also included so the heater can be fitted securely onto curved or flat surfaces of your biOrb.  
  • An accurate glass thermometer is also included in the pack so you can monitor the temperature of the aquarium.  
  • The heater is suitable for any biOrb aquarium up to 60 litres. 
What's included

50-watt heater x 1
heater holder with suction cups x 1
thermometer with suction cup x 1

Heater Pack
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