Stone Garden Décor Set

Aquarium Decor Sets
  • Each Décor Set includes Samuel Baker sculpture, plants and décor that are aesthetically similar, making it easier to decorate your biOrb.  
  • The biOrb Stone Garden Decor Set includes a grey slate stack sculpture, two small feather fern sets, aquatic topiary ball set, white seashell set, and moss pebbles. 
  • The durable high-grade resin sculpture easily slides over the biOrb bubble tube to create a striking centrepiece.  
  • The plastic plants are designed with a smooth weighted ball base that blends in with the biOrb ceramic media.  
  • The durable ceramic seashell set includes three detailed replicas of varying shapes.  
  • This themed set creates a vibrant and dramatic garden scape in any biOrb LIFE 15 and 30 litre and larger biOrb aquariums. 
  • All biOrb decorations are easy to clean and are compatible with freshwater and saltwater aquarium set ups. 
What's included

Grey Slate Sculpture, medium x 1
Green Feather Fern Plant Set, small x 2 (includes 2 plants each)
Aquatic Topiary Ball Set x 1 (includes 3 plants)
Moss Pebble Set, green x 1
Sea Shells Set of 3, white x 1 (includes 3 shells)

Dimensions varies
Suitable for LIFE 15 and 30L. And larger biOrb aquariums
Stone Garden Décor Set
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